Thanks to everybody who made the pre-boat show meetup in St. Pete a rollickin’ good time! Bear, Captain Boomies, Christine, Sondra, Jimmy, Mike, Mark and Peter…you guys rock!

(Thanks to Peter for providing some very appropriate music, and thanks to social media giant Christine Lozada for the group photo and drone fun. I may or may not have also noodled around on the melodica.)

[If yer one of the Patreon crew, look for the exclusive link to a clip of Peter performing The Prisoner’s Lament, to the accompaniment of the ambulance siren.]

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Everybody except me and Peter came from at least an hour away (including the Florida Panhandle and Baltimore)…and Mark came straight to the shindig after driving in from South Carolina. You guys are troopers!

Thanks to Sondra Lee for this pic!

Also, I know at least three of the crew planned to make it and couldn’t, due to illness, so just know Ye were missed!


I’m told I had a Large Time, and I’m looking forward to doing another actual “In Real Life” meetup the next excuse we get. Also, we didn’t do a Zoom party in January—since we had a big actual in-person event (i.e., the boat show)—but that could be on the table for maybe this summer or something, so lemme know whatcha think in the comments below!

(This photo courtesy Captain Boomies.)

As always, I am super grateful for your friendship and support…! You give me the motivation to stay on track and keep pluggin’ away.

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As I’ve mentioned before, cash flow is always nice..and it takes a while to make each episode of How Not To Sail… But the main reason I decided to launch a Patreon channel for How Not To Sail is the camaraderie. (Which I understand is French for “people who drink beer together.”)

Patreon is a way for folks to support musicians, podcasters, YouTubers and other allegedly creative types (for as little as $3 a month) so that the creators can create without a short leash. And that’s a beautiful thing.

And it just so happens that in the process, you tend to build this tight-knit supercool tribe…which is an even more beautiful thing.

You certainly don’t have to be a Patreon patron to support How Not To Sail. I’m grateful for you listening to the podcast, telling your friends…

But if you feel like you might want to become a patron at some point…the Crew is ready to welcome Ye!

Thanks as always, and I hope you have a happy and productive week!



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