In this episode, I take my brother sailing, and uncover some more How Not To Sail tips… Editing and mixing by Maximiliano Frini.

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Ep. 22: O Brother, Here Art Thou
May 22nd 2021

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Show Notes

This episode was very cool to make. (And too long in production. But sometimes that happens.)

Me and Pete at the beach.

Pete was a great sport, especially considering his travel nightmare. I figured he’d want to just collapse upon arrival (I would), but he talked me into sailing to dinner. And I talked him into dining alfresco so we could keep an eye on the vessel. It was chilly.


The following day, after crossing a choppy Tampa Bay, we managed to back into the slip in Sarasota in a decent breeze. I’ve never seen five dock hands come out to greet us before. (I swear there was a 60-footer in the empty slip here when we came in. Guess I scared ’em off.) And in case you were wondering what sailing wing and wing looks like, here ya go… I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.

“Is there a nautical term for when you’re doing this?” “Which thing?” “Moving really slowly.”

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