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Ep. 51: DINGHY Awards™ Nominations Show
Jan 10th 2024

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Show Notes

Creative Metals Design

In this episode I talk to (among others) Gulfport’s Director of Marina Operations, Denis Frain. (When I first came to Gulfport, he was just called the Harbormaster. But now he’s got a fancier title.) In his “spare time,” Denis makes some really awesome metal fish art, as he calls it. But that doesn’t do it justice. Check it out for yourself on his Etsy site. Denis creates all manner of nautical designs, cuts them out of the raw metal with a badass water-cutting thingie (the name escapes me at the moment, but you can see it up at the top of this post), and then burnishes them by hand to make some really cool finished pieces. He’s shipped his art all over the world, and now he’s even getting into painted pieces, and soon…wood!
Denis burnishing one of his metal sculptures.

Peter Suarez

Peter figures prominently in this episode, as well as Episode 2—which I’m starting to create…in this episode. If you’ve been listening to the podcast from the beginning, that shouldn’t make your head hurt. And the big news is…now you can join Captain Pete for a sail…! (As a matter of fact, we’re gonna raffle off one such opportunity at the end-of-season party…so RSVP already, okay???) Peter has done a beautiful job restoring his Cape Dory Duende…and as soon as he sends me some of the sexy pictures of ‘er from his website, I’ll add one here. If I remember. ?

Mike Nash and the Southern Drawl Band

In this episode we also talk with Mike Nash and share a bit of his song “Gone With The Wind.” Which has an interesting story behind it. Be sure to listen to the podcast to hear it! You can also check out the Southern Drawl Band HERE. Click here to visit the Southern Drawl Band website.

Thank You, Patreon Patrons!

Thanks to our newest Patreon patrons! You are providing the ammo, as it were, for me to spend more time on the podcast and less time on “making the doughnuts.” That’s a pretty tortured metaphor. But anyway, listen to this episode for a shout out to the poor souls we’ve most recently shanghaied. 🙂   Are you listening to the podcast on Spotify or Pandora? Let me know in the comments below!
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