In continuing my pledge to feature each of our first 10 Patreon patrons here on, today I’d like to introduce you to Boatswain Julie McGinnis!

How Not To Sail:
So how did you acquire this “sailing problem?”

Julie McGinnis:
26 years ago I fell in love with boating when some of my family and some friends chartered a sailboat to cruise the Bahamas for 7 days. But mostly we just motored. I see sails out in a couple of the pics, but don’t remember actually using them. But I was hooked!

25 years old and living in land-locked Kansas City, but I knew someday I’d figure out how to get here. Now I’m here [in St. Pete] and have sailed a few times, still love it, and have a desire to spend time living aboard.

I joined a singles sailing club in St Pete maybe 4 years ago only to find out I was on the low low end of the unstated age range and most of the members were already hooked up, lol! But I got to sail a handful of times and loved it!

So, I know I saw you at the last St. Pete boat show. What is it with boat shows?

Dave Chambers took me to my first boat show and that cemented my dream. Climbing on boats, etc… and we saw Eric [Stone] play that night, and I keep going back, even to Miami’s last year! I met Wayne Stinnett I think that first Cruisers party in St Pete. I was already a huge fan of his books. 

Julie at the St. Pete boat show.

So…any How Not To Sail moments you can share with us?

No boating mishaps unless you count a less-than-stellar motor cruiser boat AirBnB in the Keys for my 50th bday. Not all it was advertised to be. The pump out guy we talked to never actually came back to do his thing and the tank over-flowed all over the deck, the head door fell off, it was in an inlet that had all the dead seagrass and trash washed in and completely clogged it (after the AirBnB pics of course), and so many other issues. But it was my birthday on a boat.

Yep…nothing like holding tank issues on your birthday cruise. Welcome aboard!!!

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