In continuing my pledge to feature each of our first 10 Patreon patrons here on, today I’d like to introduce you to a very special patron today…my Dad!!!

It’s a very special day today. My Dad has reached the spry young age of 91!

And I have a surprise that he doesn’t know about yet…but will at 10:00am when we go visit him at his place: He is now the proud author of his third book!

The title of Dad’s first book, Depression Baby, pretty much sums up this first trilogy of books: Dad grew up during the Great Depression and WWII years in the mountains of Western North Carolina; and those experiences made him who he is today.

Depression Baby and its two sequels, Up From Hanging Dog and now Out From The Mountains, are collections of short stories about Dad’s life.

(Just a tip here: There will be a special promotion soon on Out From The Mountains; so in the meantime, if you want to sample my Dad’s writing, I suggest starting with Depression Baby…or with Dad’s website, There’s even a podcast there!)

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday, Dad! And many more! I’m proud of you.



[More Patreon patron profiles coming! You can still join the fun at to the sure-to-be-colossal demand?, soon we’ll be reserving this high honor for the Boatswain level and above. We’ll be profiling new #HowNotToSailers at the Boatswain level and above.]

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