Please give a hearty hello to Mark Nicholas, one of our very first Patreon patrons…and ahoy to Admiral Shayne!

Mark actually has a couple of #HowNotToSail stories, so I’m going to let him share those himself shortly one of which you can read HERE… But in the meantime, super-big thanks!

I met Mark at the “undisclosed location #3” while Jacie Sails was on the hard in Madiera Beach. (And I should note, his laptop was much better at holding a charge than mine. But that’s another story.)

It’s really cool that Mark—like really each of our patrons so far—really didn’t care about the swag and perks you get for becoming a patron. He just wanted to support the podcast.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Stay tuned for some #HowNotToSail moments from Mark himself (like this one)…and Thankee Kindly, Captain!

You can join the action HERE:

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Bradford Rogers
Producer. Performer. Sailor. Multimedia Ninja. Author of How Not To Sail, host of the How Not To Sail podcast and YouTube channel.


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