Bob Bitchin: ROGUE WAVE in Hawaii!


Capt. Bitchin talking handsome crew, a rogue wave, how he came up with his most famous saying…and How Not To Sail the Alenuihaha Channel…

NOTE: I recommend viewing directly on YouTube. Just click on the “YouTube” icon in the corner. But you can view it right here if ya like.

After Capt. Bob Bitchin and Jody dropped off their handsome and fine-smelling crew of two blond ski instructors, they set out to visit a few other Hawaiian islands. Little did they know a rogue wave would be part of the entertainment…or that Bob would coin a phrase that would become famous among the cruising community.

(BTW, unless I’m having a senior moment, you can read about this episode and many others in Bob’s book Letters From The Lost Soul, about his 5-year, 50-country romp through the Pacific, Caribbean, Atlantic and Mediterranean.)

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