Holy!!?! Amazing Nautical/Pirate Artwork…


So, I was just looking this morning to find out who created the really cool ship-in-a-bottle wallpaper I have on my desktop and laptop machines now…

[You can see the wallpaper below, in situ…]

and I ran across this guy! Bálint Budai

Check out this incredible timelapse of him creating another amazing piece in just over four hours. (The timelapse is, um, much shorter, with cool pirate music.)

…and here’s the wallpaper.


I’m not sure Bálint has the full rez artwork on his site, but it’s available on the web. Or just hit me up below if you can’t download it. From the description, it looks like you are free to use it for your own personal wallpaper, etc.

Very cool!

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…and I just found the timelapse of Bálint creating another version of the ship-in-a-bottle…this one in full battle.

Shiver me timbers!



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