In this episode, I make the leap 90 miles south from Marco to Marathon, and find…something in the way. (Or many somethings, really.)
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Ep. 51: DINGHY Awards™ Nominations Show
Jan 10th 2024
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Show Notes

First of all, I promised a map of this episode…and a map we shall have! Marco Island to Marathon Key map You can see how this would make for a long day…into evening.

The Script

Okay, this is the script before I decided to remove a kidney. From the script. Click HERE to enjoy the wonderful scribblings…er, typings, of ye script.

Ye Shippe’s Log (and Ye Audio Log)

Why yes, I’m even bothering you this episode with the ship’s log from Nebo, into which I’ve also interjected the transcript snippets of the audio I recorded…so the idea is, you can get a picture of the whole crossing as it happened. Click HERE to view the log as a Google Sheet. (CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE)

Nebo Log

Nebo is pretty cool, by the way. Here is the actual thingie Nebo generated from the day’s log. It’s much sexier than the Google Sheet, even if it doesn’t have the audio cues. The link above is the online report generated by Nebo. The mobile app (below) looks different, but also very cool.
Nebo app screen
View of the log (after saving) in the Nebo app.
(I don’t get any money from Nebo for mentioning them…but I wouldn’t object!)

Thanks to Wayne

Thanks to Cap’n (and author extraordinaire) Wayne Stinnett for pointing out that there’s no such place as “Marathon Key.” (It’s Marathon, FL, located on Vaca Key.)

Leave me some feedback!

And like I told Wayne, I’m always interested to hear your corrections, feedback, and everything like that. If you have a chance, l’d love to hear what parts of the podcast made you want to go vacuum or something, or which parts made you want to hear more. I appreciate ya! (And I won’t be mad a bit if you want to share this episode, or Episode 1…or any episode, really…on Facebook, or wherever ya share stuff. Thanks as always!!! -Bradford


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Music What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? (Traditional) – performed by Bradford Rogers and Peter Suarez
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  1. Public Radio? Wowsers! It took me awhile to get back to this episode and the comment space, because this individual gets so snagged up by all your fascinating apps, maps and sand-and-crab-traps! (ADHD? Who cares! It’s fun, fun, fun!) Thanks again for the chuckles and 🙂 ‘s

    • Well…*kinda*…but thanks! Not public radio, but RadioPublic. 😉 They’re kinda affiliated, but that doesn’t mean NPR approves of my blather! Still, glad to know you’re listening! 🙂


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