In this premiere episode, I have a crazy idea to sail alone around Florida to the Miami International Boat Show to launch the podcast…and talk to cruising mentor, former bodyguard to Evel Knievel, and all-around-bad-influence Bob Bitchin.

How Not To Sail
Ep. 1: Bitchin
Feb 28, 2019

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The Story

I’d been reading Latitudes & Attitudes for a while, followed later by Bob’s books Letters from the Lost Soul and The Sailing Life. (And more recently, Biker to Sailor: The true story of Bob Bitchin.) [NOTE: Bob’s book page is old school http, not https…so your browser may give you an “insecure site” error. But unless yer gonna go to a boat show, this is about the only way to get Bob’s books these days.] And, like so many other folks…it ruined my life. When I decided to write a book called How Not To Sail, I contacted Bob and asked if he needed a column for his magazine. (Which, as some of you know, was called Cruising Outpost from about 2013 until now…when it’s back as Latitudes & Attitudes. More on that in Episode 2: Control.)

“No thanks, we have that covered,” was the answer. “But with your audio skills, you should talk to Dan at Pyrate Radio.”

So I did…and I’ve been doing a Saturday show called The Captain Billy Shine Show on Pyrate Radio since May 2018[Update: from May 2018–May 2019]

[Below: Pyrate Radio’s Dan Horn, author Wayne Stinnett, me, and Bob Bitchin.] A Pyrate Crew at 2018 Miami Boat Show

The Podcast

Anyway, when I finally circled back to do this podcast, I could think of no better guest than Bob to be in the first episode…check it out! (BTW, I recommend subscribing (FREE) on Apple Podcasts if you are reading this on an iPhone, iPad or Mac.) [UPDATE: If you’re just a little more tech-savvy–and prefer to listen on a mobile device–I recommend using the AntennaPod mobile app, which is open source, free, and privacy-friendly. If you’re on desktop or laptop, you may want to listen right here on, where you can check out the show notes at the same time. And if you’re a die-hard Apple enthusiast, well, my above recommendation of Apple Podcasts is pretty foolproof.] …but Episode One starts with a splash. Just click one of the little player thingies below this paragraph to hear for yourself!

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Bradford Rogers
Producer. Performer. Sailor. Multimedia Ninja. Author of How Not To Sail, host of the How Not To Sail podcast and YouTube channel.


  1. Hi Bradford….great podcast! I met you yesterday (Monday, December 9) at Hooters on John’s Pass. I was the guy with the chrombook with the great battery life.

    I started listening this morning and just kept on listening and have now done the first 7 episodes…very well done. I have cancelled an appointment I had for today so as not to interrupt my binge listening! Great meeting you, Bradford….good luck with Jacie Sails!!

    • Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks, Mark, I really appreciate it! And great to get to talk with you. Yes, I’m sitting here in the day room at my marina (without the boat), using the AC power and WiFi, and working on the YouTube videos… ? Hope the podcast causes no ill effects and safe boating out there!

  2. Enjoyed listening, started sailing late in life about 6 years ago in Kona. It wasn’t my passion it was my boyfriends. Started out on a Cal230 he
    purchased and then to a Union Polaris 36 he acquired. Definitely have some stories.
    When I was interested in learning more my boyfriend broke up with me to go cruising, he is semi retired and I still work. It turned out that the boyfriend I knew most of my life was not a good honest person so it was the right decision for him to move on. I’m still looking to learn more about sailing. Look forward to continue to listen.

  3. Hey it’s Elyssa your cab driver! You gave me one of your postcards and I said I’d check you out so here I am! Great first episode! Been listening to it inbetween pickups! Can’t wait for more episodes!

    • Man, you’re quick, Elyssa! Thanks! BTW, you may not see it on the web page there, but I’ve already got through Ep. 4 available in case ya get bored. 😉 Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

  4. Loved it Bradford. Looking forward to hearing more! I live in South Australia and have only been sailing since August last year. I am soon to buy my first yacht, so definitely need to learn “How Not to Sail”! And yes, the wonderfully kind skipper who took me out sailing for the very first time on his beautiful Beneteau First 40.7 and then put me on the helm definitely ruined my life (my former life that is) for the better! I will be eternally grateful to him!!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Carol! I have no doubt you will also soon become an expert in How Not To Sail! ? It’s a terrible thing when friends let friends go sailing…but I pray you will be able to manage this addiction as well as possible. (And welcome to the Very Large Club!)

    • That’s weird! I thought I’d already approved and replied. MAJOR apologies if I didn’t…and regular apologies if I’m now making a duplicate. ? They never said I was the sharpest tool in the kit. (But seriously, I very much appreciated your comment, and I hope I didn’t have a “senior moment!”) [Update: Nope, just a WordPress glitch, apparently. Whew!]

  5. Excellent! I listened to it all sleep deprived and brain degraded. I stayed awake and understood some of it while cruising the internet at the same time. I may listen to it again. But I always enjoy your narrative and your production. I’m envious. I should do a show called “How not to Podcast”. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be ironic.

  6. Excellent! I always enjoy watching your adventures unfold on social media. Now I can enjoy your podcast too. The first one was great and I can’t wait to hear your spin on all your misadventures


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