Last Day In Marathon



Woke up to something pinging. My iPad, telling me I’ve got plenty to do today.

I sleep in the quarter berth. (With the recent qualification “if the engine hasn’t been running a lot.”)

This is my view waking up.

I was thinking about making coffee…but I may pay $2 for Keurig coffee to get some “last day” audio from Debbie. And maybe a photo, to go with her interview.

My lens (filter) is fogged up after going from the air-conditioned interior of the boat to the humid outside air.


Photo and some various audio including coffee maker…check. Debbie even had some insight to add to yesterday’s interview…if I can remove AC/cooler noise. (Mark 1 on 4Ch033M.wav)

Also so met Caroline (and her dog), who I spoke with on the phone when I booked my slip.


Shopping time. Of course I waited until midday Saturday. ?

Finally found a new sun hat to fit my head…


Loaded provisions and edited the intro to Ep. 1 of the podcast. I like it!


Talked to Pops on the phone, working on this week’s Depression Baby podcast, pumped out the head, added 50 gallons of fresh water to port tank, cleared starboard deck scupper.

Other than that, not much going on… 😛


Eesh. 16 hours tomorrow. Why did I think 14? Maybe tiny tailwind and following (quartering) sea will help.


Good thing I checked. This was wrapped around the prop.


Goodbye for now to the awesome salt water pool…but hopefully there’ll be plenty of nice sunsets on the way north.

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