Further East Than Ever



Up and at ’em! (I hit snooze once, but didn’t wait for it.)


Underway in Hawk Channel after sipping a little fuel (5.3 gal)…

Beautiful water.


Passed through some rain and small gusts. Realized leeward running backstay was against main. Moved it forward and got splashed a little.

The colors this morning are ridiculous!

Oh, yes, we are further east than Jacie Sails has ever been since I’ve had her. ✅

Have you heard it yet?


…and apparently the alternator has crapped out and of course my portable charger for phone didn’t fill up properly…so that’s it for today. At anchor next to Rodriguez Key with an alternator headed to meet me in Miami.

Until tomorrow…!

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Bradford Rogers
Producer. Performer. Sailor. Multimedia Ninja. Author of How Not To Sail, host of the How Not To Sail podcast and YouTube channel.


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