South Toward Cabbage Key

Coffee. And a little photography and writing. Underway shortly.


The wind has come around more northeast than northwest, so now it’s much less bouncy than last night.


The onions and peppers were frozen.


Time for Lat Rows, a.k.a. “Raising The Anchor.”


Sailed off the anchor…nice! Put up the staysail, then the main, before raising the last bit of rode and anchor, then added the jib as soon as we fell off—in the right direction, no less!

This should make a pretty view from the beach.
Seems like a wise idea. Thank you, Siri.


Turns out the wind is NW…to nonexistent. After enjoying sailing for a bit, now motorsailing SSE with all three sails up, just in case they prove useful.


Turned off the engine just a few minutes to do a little Facebook Live. Just ghosting along.


Actually sailed for a bit! (Sea breeze, apparently, I dunno. Westerly.)


Turned the engine back on. Seems a little rougher. I’m concerned the cutlass bearing is coming out again. Grrrrrrr….

“kn” (knots), not “my”…


The people on the beach at Boca Grande probably thought I was crazy passing so close to the old pier. But there’s a swash channel there that can cut off the 3-mile detour out into the Gulf to the official channel entrance. (Don’t quote me on that.)

Motoring past Boca Grande old pier ruins.


Ahhhhhhh…. Cabbage Key. I believe that will be all for today. You can see why. Time for a shower and a great dinner. More of the usual foolishness tomorrow.

Jacie Sails at the Cabbage Key dock. Behind the big yacht.
Cabbage Key, from Jacie Sails’ starboard side deck.
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