Why’s it so damn cold in Florida?

Of course, it’s 26° in Atlanta and -7° up North, where unfortunately my Michigan brothers and sister just lost their father. (Fair winds, Salt…there won’t be another like you.) So I can’t shouldn’t complain. I was researching flights up to Michigan. It actually looked cheaper from Tampa than Atlanta, but was still economically unfeasible. I hope everybody understands. A lot of folks think that owning a boat (much less an ocean-capable sailboat) means you’re rich. Experienced boat owners know it really means you’re poor. Fact is, I will spend less this month on the boat than I would in Atlanta.

Leaving Tha ATL

SO many things left to do, but I stuck to my guns and pulled out of the driveway around 8:15 on Jan 29. What ain’t done will be worked around. Atlanta traffic is never a joy, but it wasn’t terrible. Glad to be getting out of town before “the Big Game,” as the NFL would like you to call it.

10:24 | 52º

Stopped to put on my red hoodie ($1 after birthday gift card from neighbor… Thanks, Sherrill!)


2:21 | 70º

Actually about to have to turn off the air conditioner…took off the hoodie a couple of hours ago.


Stopped off to pick up a “snuba” (scuba hookah) diving rig from Steve in Plant City. Will see if I mention his name. Cash price not the same as we discussed, but did he throw in some extra stuff? Or did I pick up somebody else’s order. Hmmmm….


Arrived at the marina. Boat looks healthy. Catching up with Peter on Duende. who just got back from a delivery from Maryland(ish) to the Bahamas. [NOTE: Peter is the victim—er, subject—of Episode 2 of the podcast, Control.]
How Not To Sail’s Craptastic (But Speedy & Privacy-Friendly) Podcast Player
Ep. 2: Control
Mar 17th 2019
…and I seem to have deleted some of the text I had here before, but, um…here are the next 24 hours or so, in a nutshell.
Got my workspace set up.


A visit to the facilities.
Visiting the marina facilities.

Wednesday, January 30



Testing the Arsenal doodad for my Canon 6D. I’m not sure the gizmo has a lot of utility other than improving on the transfer of photos to the iPhone and social media, etc. It is *very* slow to operate.


It is chilly. Need to try to fix the heat. A funny text thread ensues with Tanya.


After getting the trailer episode of the podcast posted, it was time to drive to North Bumble to see Eric Stone. Little did I know that (a) it was Parrothead night, and (b) Brian from s/v Another Road (right up the dock from me) would be there! That is all. [NOTE: The visit to see Eric at the Tap Room is covered in detail in Episode 8 of the podcast, I Don’t Wanna Be Buffett.]
How Not To Sail’s Craptastic (But Speedy & Privacy-Friendly) Podcast Player
Ep. 8: I Don’t Wanna Be Buffett
Sep 17th 2019
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